Dosing and administration for ARIKAYCE

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The recommended dose of ARIKAYCE in adults is the once-daily inhalation of the contents of one ARIKAYCE vial using the Lamira™ Nebulizer System.1

ARIKAYCE is supplied as a sterile, white, milky, aqueous, liposome suspension for oral inhalation in a unit-dose glass vial containing amikacin 590 mg/8.4 mL (equivalent to amikacin sulfate 623 mg/8.4 mL).1

Pretreatment with a bronchodilator (short-acting selective ß2 agonists) should be considered for patients with known hyperreactive airway disease, COPD, asthma, or bronchospasm.1

Instruct patients to first use the bronchodilator before using ARIKAYCE, following the bronchodilator leaflet for use information.1

ARIKAYCE should be administered1,2:

once daily

Once daily, around the same time each day

oral inhalation

By oral inhalation via the Lamira Nebulizer System only

Additional dosing information2,3:

oral inhalation

Administered for approximately 14 minutes. Treatment time may vary and could take up to 20 minutes

at home

Flexibility to administer at home or anywhere with a clean, flat, stable surface

Refer to the Instructions for Use for full administration information.

Watch a step-by-step video on how to use ARIKAYCE with the Lamira Nebulizer System


the Instructions for Use

ARIKAYCE storage and handling1

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