Which of your patients may be appropriate for
ARIKAYCE + background regimen?

Consider which refractory MAC lung disease patients might be good candidates for ARIKAYCE treatment.

Diane patient icon
Not responding to prior therapy

Diane, 67 years old

After taking medication for so long, shouldn’t I have gotten better? Is there anything else I can try?

  • Diane presented with chronic cough, sputum production, and fatigue for several months. She has also been experiencing weight loss
  • She had a past medical history of bronchiectasis, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, sinusitis, and hemoptysis
  • Diane was diagnosed with MAC lung disease based on symptomatic presentation, CT scan showing nodular bronchiectatic disease, and sputum cultures positive for MAC
  • She was treated for MAC lung disease with a multidrug regimen according to the ATS/IDSA Statement
  • Upon follow-up after 6 months of treatment, Diane has shown no improvement in clinical symptoms, with sputum cultures remaining positive at 6 months. She has also continued to experience weight loss

Do you have patients like Diane in your practice?

They could be right for ARIKAYCE.

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How to prescribe ARIKAYCE
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Mark patient icon
Wants a different treatment option

Mark, 59 years old

None of the treatments I’ve tried have worked. Is there a different treatment out there for people like me?

  • History of COPD and smoking
  • Diagnosed with MAC lung disease with apical fibrocavitary lung lesions
  • Mark was treated with a guideline-based regimen
  • He initially achieved culture conversion, but his cultures became positive again after 12 months of treatment

Does Mark’s story sound familiar?

Patients like him could be right for ARIKAYCE.

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Jan patient icon
Still culture positive

Jan, 74 years old

I’m ready to discuss additional MAC treatment options with my doctor. My current treatment regimen doesn’t seem to be working. I hope there are other options that can help me get rid of these terrible bacteria.

  • Started on a multidrug regimen TIW for MAC lung disease for several months
  • Jan remained culture-positive on treatment and the dosing regimen was changed to once daily
  • Due to worsening symptoms, her physician has discussed including IV amikacin into the multidrug regimen
  • Jan remains susceptible to macrolides and amikacin and her CT scan shows multifocal bronchiectasis
  • She continues to be monitored routinely and maintained on background regimen, but her MAC symptoms are progressing with no signs of radiographic improvement

Have you seen patients like Jan before?

They could be right for ARIKAYCE.

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How to prescribe ARIKAYCE
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ATS=American Thoracic Society; CT=computed tomography; IDSA=Infectious Diseases Society of America; IV=intravenous; MAC=Mycobacterium avium complex; TIW=3 times a week.