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Downloadable resources for physicians

Arikares Enrollment Form

Complete the Arikares® Enrollment Form with your patients to help them get started with ARIKAYCE. Submit via fax (1-800-604-6027) or e-mail (

This form has been translated into a variety of languages for reference only. Please fill out the English-language enrollment form.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity

An example of the type of information that may be required when responding to a request from a patient’s insurance company for an appeal of coverage.

Sample Letter of Appeal

An example of a response to a request from a patient’s insurance company for an appeal of coverage.

Informational videos about ARIKAYCE

ARIKAYCE and PULMOVANCE™ Technology Video

An informative video that describes the PULMOVANCE technology and how ARIKAYCE penetrates macrophages and MAC biofilms.

Downloadable resources for your patients

ARIKAYCE Quick Start Guide

An overview of how to assemble and clean the Lamira Nebulizer System, as well as directions and diagrams demonstrating how patients should take their treatment.

Lamira Nebulizer Instructions for Use

Important information and safety precautions for the Lamira Nebulizer System, with steps on how to clean and care for the handset.


An educational brochure for patients that provides an overview of MAC lung disease, ARIKAYCE, and the Arikares Support Program, offered in a variety of languages.

ARIKAYCE Doctor Discussion Guide

A resource for patients that highlights important questions to ask about treatment with ARIKAYCE, offered in a variety of languages.

ARIKAYCE expert videos

Infectious Disease Specialist, Wendi K Drummond, DO MPH, and Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Expert, Julie Philley, MD, share their recommendations for treating and managing ARIKAYCE patients.

The Appropriate Patient

Patient Example

Additional Appropriate Patients

Treatment Duration

Managing Patients' Expectations

Monitoring ARIKAYCE Treatment